November Special Deals

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Be Thankful..........

Yes, it is November already. 
Fall colors are everywhere, Christmas decoration are beginning to show up in stores and houses, and Thanksgiving is around the corner....
All signs of the impending holiday season, eating "well" and being Marry. Thoughts are running in your minds about, holiday card, travel plans, gifts, where to go.....
And, Now the Retailers will do all they can to sway you to
well, since you cannot run away from it, at least find a way to do good with you shopping and gifts.
I will be posting periodically deals and coupon links to retailers, when you start your shopping experience from Link Mosaic, a referral fee is credited back to the website, is collected and donated to a good cause. Web search engines use this method to make their profits when you click on referral links on their websites.
And please Stay Safe, Happy and Merry..............

BACK TO SCHOOL...............

Back to School time….

Another School year is about to start, and as a parent we are already looking for back to school deals to complete our kids school supply list and accessories. If you shop for back to school items on line, why not make your purchase support the education of needy children around the world. Please start your shopping from this site.

This August, I will be supporting ADRA efforts to support needy families who want to send their kids back to school.

Please visit  ADRA August Appeal.

Oklahoma Need US...

May 20, a tornado raked through parts of Oklahoma, leaving in its wake thousands of destroyed homes and of victims. At the moment, ADRA is preparing to send an assessment team and have already committed supplies including emergency kits and cleaning equipment to the most affected areas. You can help by making a donation to our Emergency Response Fund SUPPORT ADRA OKLAHOMA RELIEF EFFORTS Please pray for the families affected by this tornado and especially those who have lost children and other loved ones. ** Shopping through the links on this site will generate additional funds that will be 100% donated to the cause***

Star Trek Into Darkness

Opening today for all you Start Trek Fans
See Star Trek Into Darkness with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban.


Graduation Deals..Enjoy


It is that time of the year, when all the handwork is rewarded with your graduation.

So I will posting some good deals here. You will support a good cause when you use them.


Tiny Prints Graduation Etiquette


 This is my Daughter's Note to her mom....

Please use these links when you look for your Mom's Gift.

Amazon Mother Day..

Earth Day 2013

In celebration of Earth Day, I hope you will take time today to enjoy nature around your house or neighborhood. I placed a bird feed on my deck and captured these images.

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This Month,

I am participating in a fundraising competition to raise funds to support the refugees in the middle east.

You can support by visiting the stores on your right.

or by direct donation.

Thank you.

Take time to say thank you...

Are you a thank you note writer? 

If not, you should be. Thank you notes are a powerful way of expressing gratitude. They are the longest lasting way of saying "thank you". 

Either way, you can get a great deal on stylish, personalized thank you notes from Tiny Prints today. They are selling all of their more than 1700 designs for 40% off...for less than 24 hours. The deal is only good from 10:00am Pacific Time today through 8:59am Pacific Time tomorrow. 

They have perfect designs for graduates to say thanks, thanking people for Easter gifts, for kids, for parents, for business, for literally every occasion. And you get to personalize them by adding your own text, choosing your font, and even uploading your own pictures if you choose. 

So check them out now and use the promo code DEAL0404 to save 40%.