What is Link Mosaic:

The original plan for LinkMosaic came to 2005 after returning to the USA from an assignment overseas.  It was around thanksgiving and I was shocked amazed by the level of advertisement we are bombarded with during the holiday season to shop, shop, shop.  At the same time, I saw a report on CNN about how internet shopping was increasing so fast and how a portion of Google and Yahoo revenue was made from referral income they get by linking you to online merchants through banners and links as you search for items or stores. 

Thus, the idea of linkmosaic came to me to research for ways to capture the internet shopping power to support charities.  A place to have all your favorite online stores in one place, and at the same time offer you the deals and coupons that these stores offer to their selected affiliates.  Although that was a good idea and with your help I managed to support some charities, it became a time consuming project and the level of visitors to the site did not increase.

In 2019 I changed the site to become my online journal. Capturing the odds and ends of my interests that forms together a colorful mosaic we call Life.

 Still with purpose of helping others.

Join me.

Imad Madanat